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The Joint meeting of agricultural cooperatives

The Joint meeting of agricultural cooperatives of Iran officials, led by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and cooperative department of France, led by former French agriculture minister (Mr Henri Nallet) and Chairman of the Supreme Council of Cooperatives was held in the first Sunday of March 1395 Rural Cooperative Organization. During the meeting brochures and catalogs were distributed in the room. 

In this meeting, Eng. Hossein Safai Managing director, welcoming the French team, expressed Iran’s tendency for getting experience and technical knowledge used by them in running cooperatives in France.

Mr Francis the former French agriculture minister said if these visits continues the experience and technical knowledge will be exchanged. He continued: this trip after the travel experience of minister of agriculture and foreign affairs of France the two countries’ cooperation covers Hope according to friends, get more experience to draw and strengthen cooperation between Iran and France various fields.

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