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International scientific festival of Kharazmi

International scientific festival of Kharazmi is the most famous festival in Iran after revolution in order to find and introduce newest, most technical and practical researches of Iranian and foreign countries. In this festival referee committee chose 13 Iranian and 6 foreign researches among 388 Iranian and 279 foreign projects. Three of these researches which are all national are directly related to agriculture and better use of natural of these inventions which won the Amber trophy of festival is made by Mr.Hamid Amir seyyedi is a new form of greenhouse which can make a revolution in greenhouse industry. This type of greenhouse is set up by historical architecture of this land and it can be upgraded in order to eliminate usage of fossil fuels completely to warm up greenhouse and decrease 75 percent of water and electricity for cooling it and growing products with better quality in warm weather. This type of greenhouse have many spectacular features which will change this industry completely. You can read about report of this festival in page 17

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