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The Association of Tractors

The Association of Tractors, combine harvester and Agricultural Machines (Etmac) was recently joined World Wide Association of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery. This association in cooperation with FederUnacoma (Federation of manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Italy) invites 15 – 20 companies and large Italian factories to participate Iran Agri Show 2017 in February in Mashhad.

As this exhibition was held in February (The second part of winter) and the high cost of entrance fee for farmers and villagers, and bad services to foreign invitees caused Italians and Etmac members not to participate in the show.

Also, the visiting hours from 4 to 9 in the evening and the cold weather of winter caused that Etmac members and Italian participants (because their contract was finished) give up the exhibition for next year.

Eng. Abbas zadeh told that Etmac tried a lot to motivate the members to participate in this exhibition, but exhibition didn’t reach to the quality expected.

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